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The writing meme thing (YOU KNOW WHATS COMING): Bluish Flame Knight Mates, Aglovale dying AU, YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS IN THREE SENTENCES---GO!!


Aglovale’s eyes always were something Percival liked to think of as their secret, always hidden behind strands of hair and that hoodie he refused to take off; up to that day, Percival had only seen them a few time and as he held his faithful knight, his precious mate in his arms, he cursed himself.

If it wasn’t for the countless chances they had, if it wasn’t for all those times he remained silent and the way he depended on Aglovale to save him, maybe this would have never happened.

The arrow that was aimed at him, not his knight, him being distracted with looking at the animals around them in the forest (really, he shouldn’t be this careless), in the end, it was his fault for not paying attention. This was just his fault.

It was his fault that when Aglovale took his hand and placed it on is cheek, Percival couldn’t help but run in over his soft skin and push away the strands of hair to look into a pair of not matching eyes.

It’s his fault that when he traces the blue pattern on the pretty face, the light fades from those eyes.


motivational ghost buddies!

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And some more bluish flame knight mates.

[**Edited the thing I forgot to color in]

"Didn’t you see what I did?!" kaimiwa or gaiai if you prefer


i totally was like “i’m doing miwakai because it’s easier and funnier” at first, but then i remembered the recent episode and got gaiai feels


And I hope that you don’t suffer, but take the pain

Hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay

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bae: Come over

me: I can’t

bae: I’m signing a contract

me: image



I’ve been thinking a lot about bluish flame knight mates.

You can see I spent all my time sketching and didn’t leave much for coloring.


[ Z e r o  a n d  B r e a k ]

193th Episode’s Imeeji


ZERO REQUIEM 6TH log9 | 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

For Zero Requiem’s 6th anniversary. A higher resolution size of this image as well as a log for this month’s Knight/Emperor sketches have been uploaded to Pixiv. I corrected mistakes, redrew a few, and in general cleaned everything up a fair bit for the Pixiv upload. I didn’t include the first two comics from this month since I didn’t think they fit the Knight/Emperor theme, but I’ll include them in another log some other time.

Thanks for everyone’s support this month, especially for favorites and retweets as I posted everything day by day on Twitter ; v ; thank you!


Some magical tulle action happening today. I have to make the tulle layer a bit shorter, then smooth it out on the bottom and sew it into place. By this time tomorrow it should be looking much more finished and less messy!

I’ve decided to completely change the bodice design so it might take me longer than expected to get this project finished. But hopefully it’ll be done in time to take advantage of the nearby pumpkin patch and sunflower field!

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